Twitter Users Are Gleeful Over Jamie Lee Curtis’ ‘Savage’ Remark To Lea Michele


An October cut from ’ digital recording “Old buddy” is presently becoming a web sensation because of a joke the entertainer made while meeting and .

Creator and digital recording host Danny Pellegrino tweeted out the curt scrap, which occurred in the midst of a conversation about “Spring Awakening,” the -winning melodic that gave Michele and Groff their large breaks.

“Was the show designated [for a Tony]?” Curtis inquired.

“We won eight Tony grants,” Michele answered.

“Indeed, you did. Yet, you didn’t, Lea,” Curtis drily noted, to Groff’s giggling.

JLC was savage for this.

— Danny Pellegrino (@DannyPellegrino) July 29, 2022
It ought to be noticed that Curtis and Michele were projected individuals on “Shout Queens,” so Michele might have accepted the joke.

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The “Happiness” star has confronted her portion of contention, incorporating when was blamed in 2020 by previous cast part Samantha Ware of making her experience on the show a “living damnation” because of “horrible perceived hostilities.”

In that capacity, some Twitter clients were joyful over Curtis’ cutting comment.

Hi police? I might want to report a manslaughter…

— Rahul Puri (@rahulpuri) July 29, 2022

this is whenever I’ve first heard a homicide on a digital broadcast

— 𝚊𝚕𝚎𝚡 𝚌𝚛𝚊𝚗𝚣 (@alexhcranz) July 29, 2022
Formally renaming her Jamie Lee Curtains cuz she just finished Lea

— Colin Rothamel (@ColinRothamel) July 29, 2022
She can sell anything man — diuretic yogurt, wind tolls, a wiped out consume.

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— Diana Metzger (@iamdianametzger) July 29, 2022
no in light of the fact that I would perpetrate exacting wrongdoings to understand what lea michele’s face resembled at this time

— kenna (@mouseabolition) July 29, 2022
Michele could have one more shot at a Tony as she gets ready to assume control over the lead job in Broadway’s “Entertaining Girl.”

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