Uche Elendu Calls For Help, Makes Unusual Demand

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Nollywood actress Uche Elendu is begging with her loved ones and coworkers for assistance.

The actress who recently launched her latest film, Matrimony, has begged her loved ones to support her by reposting it.

The actress who is preparing up for her birthday on the 14th of July, claimed that reposting her movie would be the perfect birthday gift.

She said it would make her day to do this.”As July 14th approaches, I’m utterly appreciative of everything God has done in my life.

My online family and dear coworkers may give me the ultimate birthday present by posting the trailer for my new film MATRIMONY and encouraging your friends, followers, and loved ones to SUBSCRIBE TO UCHE ELENDU TV ON YOUTUBE. Put the link in your bio just for the 14th, and that will make my day if you want to show me true love.

Kemi Filani recalls news One of Nollywood’s brightest performers, Uche Elendu, recently recounted an incident that she found to be pretty interesting.

The mother of two described having a dream in which a friend asked for her account information, but before she could comply, her daughter roused her.

She later received a gift of money transfer from the same person, fulfilling her wish.

As she was about to provide the account number when her daughter woke her up, she wrote: “That’s how I dreamt that someone requested me to send the account number.

I simply picked up my phone and sent the account information in person, so hmm. Faith. To cut to the chase, they said haa uche. I had planned to surprise you with a gift next week for your birthday, but I forgot to write you while I was thinking about it last night.

This one you sent me akant details? I claim God revealed Himself to me in a dream. Will you obey God the way I did? This one shocked me, haaa… shey I refuse


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