Ugezu J Ugezu Calls Out Celebrities Who Torment Fans With Their Vacation Photos – Says They See Them As Fools

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Actor Ugezu J Ugezu has called out his colleagues who torment their fans with their vacation photos saying they are seen as fools and nothing else since their action is disturbing.

Most of female celebrities especially pos photos and videos of themselves online to torment their fans with the idea of living the big girl life or their dream life and even some the male celebrities do that as well.



Ugezu J Ugezu shares his views that said these celebrities are seen as fools because it’s disturbing that people who call themselves celebrities are excited about the fact that they are entering the planes and are prepared t to torment their fans with photos and videos.

He then added that priests like himself are only excited with real about the real change that transforms the lives of many and not any personal move or achievements and that’s what our celebrities are expected to be doing.


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