Uriel Oputa Spills Reveals On What Detty December Means.

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Uriel Oputa, a reality TV star, has taken to social media to share what she learned over the holidays.

According to the healthy living coach, she realized the meaning of Detty December when she refused to have sexual relations with an overseas-based man who asked her out with the intention of marrying her in a week.

Uriel Oputa Spills Reveals On What Detty December Means.

“Omo my first Christmas in Nigeria yo!!!” she wrote. So now I officially comprehend dirty December, yo! Some guys (not all), especially those from abroad, will toast you like you’re going to be engaged next week.

Everything is fine until you refuse to have… jiggy jiggy (Look! My goodies aren’t easy to come by). I said no, much to my surprise. His DP was changed to a traditional wedding photograph the next morning. Omo, I went to get my reading glasses… I believe I am. I texted him… His response was that you have a good heart and a happy new year. “I never rushed, Fam.”

According to previous report, Uriel Oputa publicly responded to a man who asked for her hand in marriage.

The unidentified man entered Uriel’s DM to express his feelings for her. The man also informed her that he is broke and asked if she could help him finance their marriage.

He wrote: Uriel baby, I really like you but I’m broke right now; could you help me and let’s settle down sooner?

Uriel, who has always been vocal about her desire to have a man, responded to the man on her Instagram story by recounting how her mother suffered with five children.

Uriel Oputa Spills Reveals On What Detty December Means.


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