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VIDEO: Nana Agradaa Flaunts Plush Mansion And 4 Brand-New Cars

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Nana Agradaa has faced the laws of the land for defrauding many of her church members on the basis of multiplying their monies for them and after they sent the monies, she made her bodyguards send them away without even giving them the monies they sent to her.

Check this;

The issue went to court and she has been penalized. A video making rounds show that she is planning to have her members back. That she knows what means to use in getting them back and that is not a big challenge. In a recent post, the supposed woman of God is seen flaunting a new mansion and 4 brand-new cars.

Nana Agradaa

I am being made to believe that it is one of the schemes she is going to use in getting her members back and its time for all to be vigilant as to what to believe. She will be flaunting so much wealth just to lure people to herself.


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