Vitaly Sapelo Children – Did Vitaly Sapelo Have Kids?

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Let us have a minute’s silence for our innocent brothers who lost their lives in the recent Russian Ukraine war. May their souls rest in perfect peace. A few weeks ago, Vitaly Sapelo was announced dead by the International Federation of Professional Footballers (FIFPRO) as the result of the Russian military operation in Ukraine.

Vitaly was 21 years old and played in the Karpati Lviv youth team. Sapelo, as a patriotic citizen of Ukraine, died fighting to defend his country. Vitaly Sapelo’s death is a painful but victorious fight on his side. Not everyone would master the courage to fight for his country to the extent of losing his life .

Vitaly Sapelo Children

Vitaly Sapelo had no children.

Did Vitaly Sapelo Have Kids?

Vitaly Sapelo was a young footballer in the Ukrainian youth team. He died as a result of a Russian invasion. His marital status was single and had no child before his tragic death.


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