Was Babylon’s Jack Conrad A Real Actor?

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Brad Pitt portrays Jack Conrad, a seasoned performer who understands that sound is about to alter the world of movies. Despite his best efforts, he has trouble moving on to the new stage of filmmaking. His struggle is depicted in the movie with realism.

Was Babylon’s Jack Conrad A Real Actor?

YES! Although Damien Chazelle developed Jack Conrad, he acknowledged that a few other movie stars, including John Gilbert, also served as inspirations for the character.

John Gilbert, one of the most popular actors of the 1920s, worked for MGM, just like Jack, and was one of the highest-paid actors of his day. Gilbert was married twice, just like Pitt’s character. Gilbert’s spouse Ina Claire and the Olivia Wilde character both have the same first name.

The other wives of Jack in the movie were similarly modelled after real women. To portray Jack Conrad as genuine as possible, Chazelle integrated all these aspects from Gilbert’s life.


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