Was Gwen Casten Vaccinated?

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Gwen Casten was a member of the March for Our Lives gun control organization, according to her Twitter page. Dawn DeSart, a DuPage County board member, didn’t know Gwen Casten but recently named her a “hero” for organizing a shooting-related first-aid training for her high school peers on social media.

“In the event of a school shooting, she initiated ‘Stop the Bleed’ training in her school, which taught kids how to pack a gunshot wound in a fellow student,” DeSart told the Tribune. “My heart breaks for (the Casten family) and everyone who knew and loved Gwen,” says the author.

Was Gwen Casten Vaccinated?

One other thing that her Twitter page suggests was her undying support for the COVID vaccines. She often retweeted posts about someone’s testimony about the vaccine.

Although it is not clear and there is no evidence whether she was vaccinated or not but it is quite clear that since she supports it then it can be true that she was vaccinated.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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