Was Ivana Trump Vaccinated For The Covid 19?

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Ivana Marie Trump was a businesswoman, media personality, fashion designer, novelist, and model of Czech descent.

Trump was also the first wife of Donald Trump, the latter U.S. president.

Was Ivana Trump Vaccinated For The Covid 19?

Her vaccination status was not documented as of 2022.

According to the New York Fire Department, they arrived at Ivana’s Upper East Side Manhattan apartment at 12.39 pm on Thursday after getting a 911 call reporting a person in cardiac arrest.

Ivana was certified dead on arrival, according to the NYPD, who also stated that her death was not suspicious and that she died naturally.

“It is with tremendous regret that we announce the departure of our dear mother, Ivana Trump,” the Trump family said in a statement.

“Our mother was a remarkable woman: a business powerhouse, a world-class athlete, a brilliant beauty, and a loving mother and friend.” Ivana Trump had survived.

“She left communism and came to love this nation.” She instilled in her children bravery and tenacity, compassion and determination.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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