was an American fashion model and social media personality. Jeremy Ruehlemann was born in New York City, United States in 1995. Jeremy Ruehlemann grew up in Mahwah, New Jersey, United States. Jeremy Ruehlemann died on 22 January 2023. He died at the age of 27 years.

On 22 January 2023 Jeremy Ruehlemann's best friend Christian Siriano, who is also a model announced the death of Jeremy on his Instagram page where he posted a few pictures of the time he spent with Jeremy, Christian Siriano disclosed that Jeremy Ruehlemann was one of his close friends and he was an inspiration to him.

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Jeremy Ruehlemann took part in several high-profile modeling photoshoots and traveled as part of his modeling career. He was represented by the talent agencies Soul NYC, Core Hamburg, Next Models, IMM Brussels, and The Mgmt Sydney.

Jeremy has  71k followers on his personal Instagram account. Jeremy has worked with several major brands, including Super Dry, Ralph Lauren, and Zara.

Was Jeremy Ruehlemann Gay?

No Jeremy Ruehlemann was not gay.

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