Dead or Alive

Was Missing Vicky White Found Dead Or Alive?

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Vicky White, a former assistant director of prisons for Lauderdale County, Alabama, was formerly seen to be the ideal employee and someone who could be trusted by her coworkers.

Those who knew her were taken aback when she vanished with Casey White, an inmate facing murder charges, in a hasty escape that officials now believe was premeditated.

Vicky White, a 56-year-old widow with no children, was last seen on April 29 at the county courthouse, where she said she was taking Casey White, who is not related to her, for a mental health examination. Authorities eventually discovered that the offender had no examination or hearing planned for that day.

Was Missing Vicky White Found Dead Or Alive?

Vicky and Casey haven’t been found at the moment. Authorities are doing everything within their power to capture 

Vicky White was charged on counts of enabling or aiding escape in the first degree on Monday.

Vicky White’s images were issued by the US Marshals Service on Thursday, showing her blond hair and what she may look like with brown hair if she changed her appearance.


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