Was Mo Farah a refugee?

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Sir Mohamed Muktar Jama Farah CBE OLY, famously known as Mo Farah, is a British long-distance runner.

Farah’s ten global championship gold medals (four Olympic and six World titles) make him the most successful male track distance runner ever, and he is also the most successful British track athlete in modern Olympic Games history.

Farah was the first British athlete to win two gold medals at the same world championships.


Was Mo Farah a refugee?

Mo Farah was not a refugee.

He was born Hussein Abdi Kahin in March 1983, in Somaliland (which was then part of Somalia). Farah has said that his father died in a civil war when he was only four, and that he was separated from his mother.

At the age of nine Farah was illegally trafficked to the United Kingdom through Djibouti. He was then given the name Mohammed Farah and was forced to work as a domestic servant. Farah said he was flown from the country by a woman he had never met, and was made to look after another family’s children. In July 2000, he obtained British citizenship under the name Mohamed Farah.

These aspects of his life and background were not made public until July 2022. A barrister told him that there was a risk he might lose his British nationality as it was obtained by misrepresentations. The Home Office has however, assured him that he would not face any repercussions.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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