Was Neil Currey Gay?

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Bodybuilder and online celebrity Neil Currey has passed away unexpectedly. He was brought up in the UK, where he was born.
His bodybuilding career in the classic style was driven by passion and commitment.

Currey was inspired by some of the finest athletes ever from an early age, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Flex Wheeler, and Phil Heath.
His bodybuilding career has been characterised by his unwavering commitment to mastering every facet of the activity. Beyond weightlifting, he studied the nuances of food and nutrition.

When Currey competed in the World Championships in 2017, he made his competitive bodybuilding debut.
He showed incredible promise even in his first competition, coming in a respectable fifth in the pro muscle division. It was obvious that Neil Currey was just getting started and that he had bigger things in store for him.

Currey’s career hit a turning point in 2022. He established himself by taking third place at the prestigious 2022 Pittsburgh Pro.
But it was his enormous triumph at the 2022 New York Pro that really catapulted him into the foreground of the bodybuilding world.

Was Neil Currey Gay?

Neil Currey’s sexuality is not known.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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