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Wayne county jail phone number

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In the American state of Michigan, Wayne County has the highest population. With a population of 1,793,561 as of the 2020 Census, it was the 19th most populous county in the country. Detroit serves as county seat.

The county was created in 1815 after being founded in 1796. The Detroit-Warren-Dearborn, MI Metropolitan Statistical Area includes Wayne County.

A number of American counties have the name of the Revolutionary War general Anthony Wayne. A section of territorial Hamilton County, a portion of territorial Knox County, and unorganized land were combined to form Wayne County, the sixth county in the Northwest Territory, on August 15, 1796.

It bears the appellation “Mad Anthony” Wayne after the American general. It formerly included smaller portions of what are now northern Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin as well as the entirety of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan, the majority of the Upper Peninsula, and the Lower Peninsula in its entirety.


Wayne county jail phone number

The Wayne County jail phone number is +1 313-224-2247.

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