”We Don’t Need Any New Album to Sell Out Any Concert” Mr P Discloses

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Mr. P of music duo P-Square has shared a message that reads ‘‘We P-Square do not need any new album to sell out any concert! We are not competing with anybody! We are just enjoying ourselves and making our fans happy! Irrespective of their numbers! God bless all P-Square fans around the world!”.

''We Don't Need Any New Album to Sell Out Any Concert'' Mr P Discloses

The handsome dancer is merely downplaying words used by critics who are of the opinion that they need a lot of new work or albums to put P-Square at the top of Nigerian entertainment, which is where they used to belong before the young generation artists seem to take over, as their songs are nowhere at the top of popular music charts.

''We Don't Need Any New Album to Sell Out Any Concert'' Mr P Discloses

Regardless of what anyone thinks, the name of P-Square is big enough, as they have been among the top of the Nigerian music industry for more than a decade now, with a lot of hits that are capable to help them organize and sell out shows and concerts from around the world.

That is the point that Paul Okoye is trying to portray, and from the shows, they have had after their reunion, you can tell the P-Square group is still a force to be reckoned with.


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