‘We Have To Put White People On Notice’ – Man Demands US Government Pay $3 Million For Every Black Person As Reparation For Slavery (Video)

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A local in Tampa City, Florida, USA, claimed that the government should pay “$3 million per person” for the decades-long slave trade that White people engaged in against Black people and that, in his opinion, has financially disadvantaged generations of Black people.

“All this foolishness you all talk about, including homelessness and other nonsense. Nobody cares about police brutality and other issues, the man claimed in the video, which was published on May 18th.

“We demand reparations. It is crucial that we make it clear to white people that we want our reparations.

Our ancestors and we did not work for free or get underpaid while white folks benefited from it,” the man emphasized. “They boast about the great city they are building, but that is irrelevant. We want our reparations—$3 million per person right here in this city. That is the only thing Black people should care about. All these other minor issues…we do not care about.”

Meanwhile, there is a growing movement among left-wing lawmakers advocating for reparations at a national level.

Representative Cori Bush, D-Mo (pictured below), held a press conference on Wednesday to introduce her Reparations Now resolution.

The resolution asserts that the United States has both a moral and legal obligation to provide reparations for the enslavement of Africans and the significant harm it inflicted on millions of lives.

Bush proposed a minimum total amount of $14 trillion, representing the wealth gap between Black and white communities. She emphasized that Black people in the country cannot wait any longer for the government to address the ongoing harm it has caused since its founding.

“Let us acknowledge this uncomfortable truth: Our country was not established on the principle of equality for all. It was built at the expense of the lives, freedom, and well-being of stolen African people,” Bush stated.

You can watch the video below.


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