Wearing dresses with red color as a Christian is Satanic – Female Pastor

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These days, social media is full of some so-called men and women of God teaching some strange doctrines which you cannot even find in the Bible.

The latest addition to their list of ‘nonsensical doctrines’ is about wearing attires with the colour RED.

According to this female pastor, the colour red is associated with demons and the Satanic world.

She said she didn’t know this at first and was ignorantly wearing things of that colour.

But she has now come to understand that RED colour has a link to the demonic world.

Watch the video below:

My opinion

I get sad when I see preachers going about spewing this kind of messages as a way of propagating the Gospel.

If I read the Bible well enough, we as Christians should be more concerned about making the world a better place by preaching and practising love. Saving souls. Helping the poor. Enjoying life and all that we have at our disposal instead of worrying ourselves so much about certain doctrines which I believe God himself would find absurd.

If God in his wisdom knows, red colour is associated to Satanism, why then did he create plants, flowers, etc. with that particular colour?

If you are a Christian reading this, and you still make some of these doctrines your standard of living, then, know today that you are completely missing the point.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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