“Wedding Bells Ringing”- Rachael Okonkwo Hints At Finding Love, Pens Note To Mystery Man

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Rachael Okonkwo, a Nollywood actress, stirred controversy with her love letter to her boyfriend.

The actress said on her Instagram page that although life can be difficult and uncertain, it is safer when you are around the right people.

She went on to say that up until she found someone who became everything to her, she had always thought of herself as her own backup plan.

Rachael expressed her gratitude to her sweetheart and thanked God for bringing him into her life. Her enigmatic partner was described as charming, beautiful, God-fearing, sympathetic, humble, kind, and loving.

She confessed her love for him and said that words cannot express how she feels.

“Wedding Bells Ringing”- Rachael Okonkwo Hints At Finding Love, Pens Note To Mystery Man

“Life is cruel and unpredictable, but feels more safe with the right people. I’ve always felt met someone who assumed the role of everything – brother, guardian, adviser, pastor, and more. I’m blessed to have you and I thank God for bringing you my way. You’re kind, handsome, God-fearing, compassionate, humble and caring, most importantly loving. Thank you for all you do my love.
I love you. Kisses

Sometimes words are not enough to express the best feeling.
I love you, baby.
You’re the definition of a king and more”.

In the comment area, some people congratulated her on finding love, while others questioned if she was the one posting these kinds of things.

Actress Uche Ebere wrote, “Wow beautiful congratulations in advance. Oyom special

Chizzy Alichi wrote, “Love is a beautiful thing

Uche Elendu wrote, “God bless you, king”

One Xabel Power wrote, “Y’all should pls check on Rachael be like them hack her account. This is definitely not her handwriting

One Real Judith Orji wrote, “As we nor see picture, how we can use thank am for you nau

One I Am Tplay wrote, “Whoever get this post should come out before we find you

One Paragon Qtm wrote, “May God bless him for us

One Nkechi Nweje wrote, “My baby has fallen in love. I dance to this. Thank you, Lord

One Kellie Blaq wrote, “When we go see this King and more. He’s blessed already for having a queen like I

One Import Smartly wrote, “We can’t wait oo you deserve all the love Biko

One Delight wrote, “For the first time you give us a goosebump. A Queen and more


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