Wednesday Netflix Age Rating

is an American coming-of-age supernatural horror comedy television series that debuted on November 16, 2022, and debuted on on November 23, 2022, to generally favorable reviews, with particular praise for Ortega’s performance.

The TV program is based on from The . In addition to Catherine Zeta-Jones, Luis Guzmán, Isaac Ordonez, and Gwendoline Christie playing supporting roles, the film also stars in the lead role. Miles Millar and Alfred Gough were the producers. Tim Burton, who also acts as executive producer, helmed four of the eight episodes.

The series was filmed in Bucharest, Romania, from September 13, 2021, to March 30, 2022.

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Tim Burton was tasked with directing the 1991 movie during pre-production, but he decided against it owing to schedule issues with Batman Returns, which led Sonnenfeld to accept the position.

On November 16, 2022, the Hollywood Legion Theater in Los Angeles hosted the world premiere of Wednesday. On November 23, 2022, its eight episodes were made available on Netflix.

Wednesday Netflix Age Rating

Wednesday has a TV-14 official age classification, which allows teenagers to watch it alone.

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