‘Westworld’ Cast Teases the HBO Series’ Return and Why It Reminds Them of Season 1

'Westworld' Cast Teases the HBO Series' Return and Why It Reminds Them of Season 1

Following a two-year rest, HBO’s mesmerizing, puzzlebox series, Westworld, is back with season 4. What’s more, the cast, including returning stars Jeffrey Wright and Luke Hemsworth, discuss why the new episodes merited the stand by, while Angela Sarafyan prods how the new portion feels like a re-visitation of season 1.

“It requires us a little investment with this stuff. Yet, blessings will rain down on patient people,” Wright, who returns Bernard Lowe, tells ET’s Rachel Smith, uncovering that subsequent to watching the initial four episodes, “It’s benefit.”

“There’s something to be said about hanging tight for every episode since there’s a ton to process with our show. It’s mind boggling stuff and there’s a ton going on,” the entertainer keeps, prodding that Sunday’s debut will pass on a ton for fans to “marinate” on prior to continuing on toward the subsequent episode.

“It’s a wild ride and I think the fans are truly going to cherish this season,” prods Hemsworth, who keeps on depicting Ashley Stubbs, while Aaron Paul, who is back as Caleb, says, “This season is simply next level. This season is thus, such a ton greater than past ones.”

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Getting after the occasions of season 3, after Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) and different hosts got away from Delos Park and penetrated this present reality while different characters were all the while staggering from insights uncovered about Westworld in season 2, season 4 is a dull odyssey about the destiny of conscious life on Earth, investigating what has occurred since the existences of people and has have apparently mixed together.

This season, “They will dive into the central inquiries we pose to about the idea of our mankind,” prods Tessa Thompson, who returns as the despicable Charlotte Hale.

Moreover, there are returning characters – – ahem, James Marsden – – and new characters as well as various timetables and a lot of coded narrating that will leave crowds pondering what’s going on as they put all the unique pieces together.

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“I’m eager to befuddle everybody once more and take everybody on a psyche twisting excursion,” Hemsworth says. “Thus, I’m anticipating everybody’s hypotheses.”

The arrival of Marsden as well as one more visit to Delos Park – – this time a 1930s Chicago as prodded in the trailer – – recommends that makers Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy are gradually bringing this tragic adventure round trip.

“I’ve been hanging tight for this season. This might be my number one,” Sarafyan, who repeats her job as Clementine Pennyfeather, says, making sense of that she adored the composing this season. “I was drawn to the verse, the activity, the adoration, the shock. I love everything.”

She adds, “It sort of helps me to remember season 1, so it’s truly energizing.”

Marsden, in the mean time, says that Nolan and Joy haven’t “needed to sort out how they’re doing prepare 4 and season 5 [because] they’ve had everything arranged out all along. Furthermore, it’s simply starting to unfurl.”

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“We’ll see what kind of connections go on in various directions and which ones return together,” he adds.

Somebody who generally realized they would be returning for season 4 is Wood, who recently played Dolores in the initial three seasons. This time, nonetheless, “I’m an alternate person,” she says, making sense of that “Dolores isn’t [alive]” after her recollections were erased toward the finish of season 3.

“I realized I wasn’t returning as Dolores,” Wood says. Presently, she’s Chrissy, somebody who’s “considerably more human, significantly more helpless, very geeky,” the entertainer adds. “This one truly was beginning without any preparation.”

Be that as it may, considering the number of changes her personality that has gone through each season, it’s almost certainly correct there’ll be more uncovered about Chrissy soon enough. “It is Westworld, all things considered,” Wood prods.

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