What Are Boxer’s Last Words In Animal Farm?

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“Boxer” is a fictional character in the novel “Animal Farm” by George Orwell. Boxer is a loyal and hardworking horse who represents the working class and the proletariat in the story.

Boxer is known for his incredible strength and his unwavering devotion to the cause of animalism, which is the ideology that the animals on the farm adopt in order to overthrow their human oppressors. Boxer is described as being “enormous” and “strong as any two ordinary horses put together,” and he is a valuable asset to the animal revolution.

Throughout the story, Boxer works tirelessly to support the other animals on the farm and to help build a new society based on the principles of animalism. Boxer is admired and respected by his fellow animals, who see him as a symbol of the strength and determination of the working class.

However, despite his loyalty and hard work, Boxer is ultimately betrayed by the pigs who have taken control of the farm. When he is injured and no longer able to work, the pigs send him to a glue factory to be turned into glue, rather than providing him with the care and treatment he needs to recover.

Boxer’s tragic fate serves as a powerful commentary on the exploitation and mistreatment of the working class by those in power.

Despite his immense strength and hard work, Boxer is ultimately disposable to the ruling class, who value him only for his labour and have no qualms about disposing of him when he is no longer useful.

What Are Boxer’s Last Words In Animal Farm?

Boxer’s final words as reported by Squealer, the pig was “Long live Comrade Napoleon!”


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