What Are Izzy Big Brother Pronouns?

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Isabelle Lepanto Gleicher is thirty-two years of age and a master’s degree holder in flute performance from the Yale School of Music.

Isabelle Lepanto Gleicher is popularly known as Izzy, she was born and raised in New York thirty-two years ago.

Izzy Gleicher was among the housemates Big Brother unveiled, this year’s show marks the twenty-fifth edition since its inception.

What Are Izzy Big Brother Pronouns?

Izzy has publicly made known her sexuality. Izzy, a social media personality and a flautist, is widely known to be a queer woman and uses the pronouns she or her.

On Izzy Gleicher’s Instagram account, she uses the pronouns she or her in her posts. In the 2023 Big Brother US, Izzy Gleicher is a houseguest, and making her gender identity public has started online conversations.

Izzy Glleicher made a post saying “I’m a proud queer woman, and representation hasn’t really been at the fullest in Big Brother” trying to comment on the representation of the LGBTQ family in Big Brother.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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