What Are Kamakazis Last Words?

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The kamikaze were a specialized group of Japanese pilots who carried out suicide attacks during World War II. The term “kamikaze” translates to “divine wind” in Japanese and refers to the typhoon that saved Japan from invasion by Mongol forces in the 13th century.

Kamikaze pilots were trained to deliberately crash their aircraft, typically laden with explosives, into enemy ships. This tactic was employed as a desperate measure by the Japanese military in the latter stages of the war when they faced increasing losses and diminishing prospects of victory.

The kamikaze strategy, while causing notable losses to the enemy, ultimately proved ineffective in changing the outcome of the war. The Allied forces’ superior resources, technological advancements, and strategic manoeuvres eventually led to Japan’s surrender in August 1945.

What Are Kamakazis Last Words?

Before engaging in their sacrificial journey, kamikaze pilots are known to have written letters to their loved ones. Just before they crush their planes, the pilots allegedly yell “hissatsu” a Japanese phrase which translated into “certain kill.”

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