What Are The Rules Of NNN?

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No Nut November (NNN) is an internet challenge centered on avoiding masturbation, intercourse, and ejaculation (or colloquially “to nut”) throughout the month of November.

It began in late 2010 and gained traction on social media during and after 2017.

Although No Nut November was supposed to be satirical, some participants believe that refraining from ejaculating and view that-are-the-rules-of-knowing pornography has health benefits.

No Nut November was first mentioned in the Urban Dictionary in 2011, and the campaign began to gain traction on social media in 2017.

Following the endorsement, the campaign by several far-right public personalities, notably Paul Joseph Watson, E. J. Dicwhat-are-the-rules-of-nnnkson of Rolling Stone stated that the movement had been co-opted by the far-right. Vice condemned the challenge in 2018 after followers that-are-the-rules-of-nnneeted threats to xHamster, claiming it had been co-opted by far-right figures

What Are The Rules Of NNN?

There are not many rules governing NNN.

The rules are quite simple to follow. No Nut November (NNN) is a challenge in which men and women agree not to ejaculate for the full month of November, whether through sex or masturbation.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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