What Body System Does Alzheimer’s Disease Affect?

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The brain and nervous system are both affected by Alzheimer’s disease. When brain nerve cells die, it occurs. Over time, the illness worsens. That kind of dementia exists.

Alzheimer’s disease cannot be diagnosed by a single test. A doctor will initially rule out any other conditions. However, an examination of the brain after death is the only way to definitively diagnose Alzheimer’s disease. The disease’s signature alterations in the brain can be seen during an autopsy.

There is no method to prevent the sickness because scientists don’t understand its origins. However, some dementia risk factors can be altered by altering one’s lifestyle.

Dementia risk can be decreased by taking good care of yourself by managing your blood pressure and glucose. It is crucial to wear a helmet when engaging in risky activities because head injuries raise the possibility of getting dementia. In order to prevent brain injury, you should also buckle up while driving.

What Body System Does Alzheimer’s Disease Affect?

Alzheimer’s disease affects the brain and nervous system.

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