What car does Tim Cook Drive?

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Since 2011, Timothy Donald Cook, an American engineer and business executive (born November 1, 1960), has served as the CEO of Apple Inc. Under co-founder Steve Jobs, Cook previously held the position of chief operating officer for the business.

Senior vice president for global operations was his first title. Cook reduced the company’s inventory from months to days by closing factories and warehouses and replacing them with contract manufacturers. His group had made long-term investments since 2005, such as an advance investment in flash memory, anticipating its significance.

This ensured a consistent supply of what would later become the iPod Nano, iPhone, and iPad. Competitors at HP claimed that the HP TouchPad tablet computer, which was later canceled, was constructed using “cast-off, rejected iPad parts.” Cook’s actions were credited with controlling costs, and when combined with those of the rest of the business, they led to enormous profits.

What car does Tim Cook Drive?

Tim Cook drives BMW 5 Series. Although he has never been seen with it, Cook is also said to own a Porsche Boxster.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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