What Did Bernadette Hunt Do for A Living?

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The popular competitive sports combat game program Gladiators’ Falcon, played by Bernadette Hunt, died at the age of 59.

The Gladiators website posted a statement describing Bernadette Hunt as “the most charming, loving, generous person with a bright smile,” adding that “our Gladiator family is heartbroken by our loss of Bernie.”

Carol, Bernadette Hunt’s sister, added a comment and stated: “My beautiful sister was the best sort of human being on this earth.”

“I discovered out a few days ago,” wrote Suzanne Cox, a.k.a. Gladiator Vogue.

Bernadette Hunt has the second-longest tenure of any female Gladiator, according to the announcement.

From series two through eight, Bernadette Hunt played a prominent role in Gladiators. He also appeared in live performances of the program in Wembley and Sheffield.

What Did Bernadette Hunt Do for A Living?

Bernadette Hunt was a TV actor. Bernadette Hunt earned a living primarily from her career as a TV actor.



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