What Did Digital Princess Do To Her Child?

While some people are great at multitasking, and effortlessly able to juggle their work and family life perfectly fine, some others are terrible at it, and some others, well, just do not try at all.

The internet broke upon news of TikTok star, Marrissa Cloutier, known as “digitalprincxss”, who had neglected her young son.

What Did Do To Her Child?

The 24-year-old apparently cared not too much for her son, as she left him home unsupervised, to visit her friends. Fans were of course outraged by the news, and she got a lot of backlash for her behaviour.

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The 5-year-old child was seen outside their home at almost midnight, looking neglected and crying. Concerned neighbours called the police, who arrested Cloutier on sight, and charged her with neglect of her child without great bodily harm.

Her mother currently has custody of the child, and the charges were dropped on not having enough evidence —whatever that meant. She initially claimed she went away to buy detergent, but later confessed she had indeed left to go -seeing while her child was alone at home. Fans are still mad at her.

Source: Vimbuzz.com
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