What did Latasha Kebe say about Cardi B?


What did say about Cardi B? Latasha Kebe Is a youtube vlogger who is best known for her youtube video with over 1M subscribers.

She is best known as Tasha K online with a popular Youtube channel “UnWineWithTashaT”. Her channel is full of podcast videos, celebrity gossip, and interviews with people of interest.

What did Latasha Kebe say about Cardi B?

Kebe said in one of her videos that was a prostitute, addicted to drugs, unfaithful to her husband Offset, and had gotten herpes.

The American rapper was offended and filed a lawsuit against the Vlogger Kebe. Cardi made a statement that the vlogger did a lazy job by defaming her character and telling those lies to get more views on her channel. She was very angry and made a statement,

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I felt defeated and depressed and I didn’t want to sleep with my husband,” she added, chalking up fatigue, weight loss, migraines, and anxiety to the ordeal”. “Only an evil person could do that,”

The case went in and out of court until Judge Ray demanded all Cardi’s medical reports from the University of California, Los Angeles Centre for Women’s Pelvic Health that relate to testing positive for herpes.

However, Judge Ray ruled in favor of Cardi B that accusations against her are untrue and lack evidence.



Source: Vimbuzz.com
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