What Did Orlando Brown Say About Soulja Boy?

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After his previous comments regarding Bow Wow and Nick Cannon, the former Disney star has kept up his ridiculous claims.
Orlando Brown’s most recent media attention came from his fascinating comments regarding Bow Wow and his claim that he had a “bomb a** p***y.” In light of his comments against Nick Cannon and a number of other celebrities, many fans and social media commentators have expressed concern about the former Disney Channel star’s mental health, while others continue to defend him as funny or in on the joke.

Whatever the case, there’s a brand-new Orlando Brown video going viral in which the 34-year-old rapper asserts that Whitney Houston is within Soulja Boy.

This claim has caused Brown’s followers to react with concern while also amusement, much like Brown’s earlier interview tapes that generated news across the media landscape.

His actual words as well as the actor’s nonverbal cues and facial expressions are being thoroughly scrutinized online.

When Capone questioned Brown about his criticism of Soulja Boy, Brown said, wiping his face with a towel, “Soulja Boy is Whitney Houston, I ain’t got an issue with that n***a.”

What Did Orlando Brown Say About Soulja Boy?

Brown says “Nah, I ain’t got a problem with Whitney Houston.”
Another query was raised: why did Orlando Brown disparage Soulja Boy in his statement? Brown repeated his question, “Soulja Boy or Whitney Houston?,” and after hearing “Soulja Boy” as the response, he remarked, “I ain’t make no insult to Whitney Houston.”

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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