What Did Raphael Armattoe Do For A Living?

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Raphael Ernest Grail Armattoe was a well-known anthropologist, author, poet, politician, and physician from Ghana. He was nominated for the 1948 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine as a result of his studies on the application of the abochi medication against human parasites.

In August 1913, Armattoe was born in Togoland to a well-known Ewe family. The nation that the Germans had invaded was divided into two mandates following World War I, one governed by the British and the other by the French.

As a result, in addition to his native Ewe, young Armattoe was raised speaking three European languages. He would subsequently write and publish in French, German, and English. Armattoe left home in 1930 to pursue his studies in Germany, having completed his elementary education at mission schools.

What Did Raphael Armattoe Do For A Living?

Armattoe completed his medical education and worked as a physician in Northern Ireland and Ghana. Notably, he opened a medical clinic in Derry, Northern Ireland, where he actively engaged in intellectual circles and provided healthcare to the locals.

Armattoe was a fervent supporter of Ghanaian independence and pan-Africanism.
Armattoe advocated for the unification of Ghana and Togoland, even speaking at the UN on the subject. Armattoe’s activism included opposing social progress and colonial injustices.

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