is the daughter of and . Her parents were married from 2002 to 2005; a California judge decided in October 2021 that Charlie would not be required to pay child support.

Sami created an account on the social media network , which hosts explicit content. Her mother offered her support in the comments area, writing, “Sami, know that I will always support you and have your back. I cherish you.

On Thursday, June 23, a few days later, Denise created an OnlyFans account in addition to her daughter.

The judge decided to reduce Charlie's child support to zero dollars per month beginning on August 1, 2018, according to court records obtained by PEOPLE.

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According to a source close to Richards, she was stunned by the judge's ruling.

The cited insider said, “Denise was shocked that it happened yesterday while she was away filming because Charlie filed two years ago and was delaying the court date. She had a shock.”

What Did Sami Sheen Post On OnlyFans?

Sami posted a seductive swimwear photo on her other social media accounts on June 13 to promote her joining OnlyFans.

Charlie criticized Richards for encouraging his daughter to publish on the website recognized for its naked or semi-nude material.

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