“What Do I Do With The New Scripts?” – YOLO Producer Mourns Vincent McCauley’s passing

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Ivan Quashigah, executive producer and director of ‘YOLO’ and ‘Things We Do For Love’, has offered his condolences on the death of actor Vincent McCauley.

Quashigah bemoaned McCauley’s departure and the gap it left in her current and upcoming endeavours in a sorrowful Instagram post.

He wrote, “Vincent! What do I do with the new scripts? This cuts really deep! While shooting YOLO 7, you had to miss the filming of some scenes and I was left to find a way out. The gentleman you were, you made it a point to come to the office to personally apologize. Unfortunately, I did not notice the severity of your condition because as usual, you gave us your signature handshake that almost removed our arms from our bodies.”

Quashigah also reflected on a missed opportunity to connect with McCauley, stating, “Yesterday, I made a mental note to call to discuss the new project and to find out if you were up for it. I failed to call. Hmmm. Just last year we lost your screen cousin in ‘Things We Do For Love’ Marleen (Lois) and your boss in Inspector Bediako – Ekow Blankson. Now you?. Lord teach us how to number our days and to recognize how few they are and help us to spend them as we should.”

YOLO Producer mourns Vincent McCauley's passing

Expressing deep sorrow, Quashigah concluded with, “Your word says in all things we should give thanks but this really, really hurts. Rest in Peace Nephew.”

Mr. McCauley, who died on Thursday evening, leaves a legacy of outstanding performances that have made an unforgettable impression on the hearts of admirers.

Vincent McCauley made significant contributions to Ghana’s film industry, starring in films such as “YOLO,” “Games People Play,” “Fortune Island,” “Office Palava,” “Living With Trisha: House of Secrets,” and “The Idiot and I.”

According to unsubstantiated reports, the actor died from a brain tumor.


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