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What does Aza mean in Nigeria?

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Youths in every nation have unique ways of expressing certain things which most times, a foreigner may find it hard at the beginning to understand such words but may eventually succeed if they persevere over time and give their best shot at learning it.

A number of street slangs have originated from most Nigerian artists such that, they have become terms which are used almost every day.

It is without a doubt that, countries all over the world have unique traditions including slang, which are spoken throughout the country.

In Nigeria, some slangs are unique to secondary schools, university lifestyle, and even states of the country.

Most of these slangs emanate from songs although some of the songs are no longer trending.

The slangs notably “Aza”, have however come to stay as they have refused to leave the streets.

What Aza mean in Nigeria?

Aza is a Nigerian slang that simply means bank account digits. When a Nigerian says “send your aza”, he or she is therefore requesting you to send your account number.


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