What Does Brittany Hartman Do For A Living?

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Chad is a Kansas City star and a happily married man. Chad is married to Brittany Hartman, the love of his life. Brittany is a lovely, understanding, and supportive wife who backs Chad in his decisions. Chad and Brittany married in 2020, and they now have two beautiful children. Brittany made headlines when she was seen with Chad.

Chad and Brittany are high school sweethearts because Chad was a friend of Brittany’s brother and she has had a crush on him ever since. When she was in fourth grade, she met Chad for the first time and they became friends. After a while, they began dating, enrolled in the same college, and married in 2010.

Chad was born on July 2, 1985, in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, to parents Sheldon Henne and Suzanne Henne. There is very little information available about Chad’s other relatives or siblings.

What Does Brittany Hartman Do For A Living?

Brittany Hartman is the Coach of Women’s Outdoor Track and Field


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