What does Maria Guardiola do for a living?

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Maria Guardiola was born on December 30th, 2000. She is a Spanish Internet personality and influencer. She topped the Internet’s most popular searches after news of her kissing Tottenham Hotspur player ‘Dele Alli’ in a public place went viral.

Maria Guardiola is the daughter of Pep Guardiola, a well-known football player, and coach who is currently the manager of Manchester City in the Premier League. Cristina Serra, her mother, is also a well-known artist.

Maria Guardiola Early Life

Maria Guardiola was born in Spain on December 30, 2000, according to her father’s social profile. She and her family are currently residing in Manchester.

They decided to marry in the year 2014 at Matadepera after a long relationship. Do you want your biography to be available on the internet? Click Here To Contact Us Via WhatsApp!!

They are living a happy life together and are an inspiration to all other couples around the world.

During her childhood, Maria Guardiola spent time with her sister and brother, Valentina and Marius Guardiola.]

What does Maria Guardiola do for a living?

Maria Guardiola is an Instagram model, fashion influencer, Star kid, influencer, and social media personality with around 50,100 followers as of May 2021. She did, however, keep her social media accounts private but continued to share pictures with her fans.

Many of her fans and followers admire her fashion sense and photoshoot. Aside from these facts, Maria Guardiola is always willing to assist her father and mother in their business endeavours.

She intends to enter modelling competitions after completing her high school education. Maria Guardiola strives to please her father and mother at all times.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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