What does the 3 mean on Chelsea?

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Chelsea is a Football Club which was founded during the year 1905 and is often referred to as “The Blues”.

The football club was reportedly run by a couple of pensioners until Russian Billoniare Roman Abramovich took over the club.

Many fans may be wondering the meaning behind the figure “3” written on Chelsea’s Jersey and this article will enlighten you on what the “3” actually depicts.

What does the 3 mean on Chelsea?

The “3” inscribed on Chelsea’s Jersey represents a logo symbol of a Hong Kong-based telecommunication company named “Three Commences”.

The company is the club’s main shirt sponsor who took over from Japanese sponsors “Yokohama Tyres” signing a 3-year-deal with the European champions.

Three Commences is a mobile phone and data provider with a strong market presence in countries notably Sweden, the UK, Italy, Ireland, Indonesia, Denmark, Austria, Macau, and Hong Kong.

Since Roman Abramovich took over the ownership of Chelsea in 2003, several companies have sponsored The Blues including Fly Emirates, Samsung mobile as well as Yokohama tryes.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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