What Happened To Damaury Mikula?

According to recent media reports, the police have detained Florida-based Tiktok celebrity . What crossed his mind? Let’s explore this text’s full history.

On the short-video sharing app Tiktok, Mikula, who has over 4 million followers, is widely known for stirring up controversy and hogging the spotlight for some notorious activities.

The social media influencer that went viral has now become a household name on the internet, but not because they produced any social media content. This time, news of his arrest shook up the social media scene.

Fans are interested in learning the real purpose of his arrest. Is he really in custody?

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What Happened To Damaury Mikula?

A popular Tiktoker and Youtuber named Damaury Mikula has apparently been detained by the authorities for trespassing. However, neither the police nor Mikula’s spouse has verified the information.

He is clearly an internet sensation with over 200 million Tiktok likes, and his fans put up with him. Although the Tiktoker hasn’t posted anything since June 12, followers still thought it was quite nice.

After a high-speed chase in Florida, the 19-year-old social media celebrity was already in jail in 2021. He told the cops at the time that he could do anything he wanted, and the internet later tromped the Tiktoker left and right for this claim.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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