What happened to Forrest Whitakers eye?

American actor, movie director and producer rose to prominence with his work in the movie industry. He is known to have a lazy eye appearance but is very good in all roles he has been given in his movies. Due to his appearance, he is mostly given roles that portray him to be experienced and those that have the intimidating look.

He has starred in movies like Black Panther, Black Nativity, Smoke, Dope and many others. Aside from those he has acted he has also directed a lot of movies which helped him to get noticed and nominated for some awards in the entertainment industry. His hard work did pay off as he bagged almost all the awards for which he was nominated.

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What happened to Whitaker’s Eye?                                                 

Whitaker’s left eye is always the first thing that one noticed in his movies and pictures. His left eyelid seems to be hanging and not like any other normal eyelid. He was born with a defect in the eye known as Ptosis and that has caused his eyelid to be hanging and gives him a sleepy appearance.

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