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What happened to gospel musician Chinedu Nwadike?

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Other reports have recently claimed that he died of leukaemia a few hours ago in Abuja. He was on his way to India for advanced treatment, but he lost the war.

A few weeks ago he revealed that he had been suffering from kidney failure for a long time.

She had asked for help from others so that she could pay for her treatment. Some even say that he has almost completely recovered from kidney failure.

However, she had leukaemia, an unexpected debilitating condition, and some thought she was dead. Despite this, the official announcement has yet to be made public.

Chinedu Nwadike is said to be suffering from kidney failure. The famous gospel singer, according to Standard Observers, has been suffering from kidney disease for several months.

At Abuja’s Zenith Medical and Renal Center, the 38-year-old singer was being treated for kidney problems and internal bleeding. He appealed to Nigerians to help him treat his illness.

E-Money had given him 250,000 Naira, which he used to receive after arriving in Abuja. But the treatment was not enough, so he turned to others for help.

He was reportedly recovering from his illness when he was taken back to the hospital.

What happened to Chinedu Nwadike?

Chinedu Nwadike is said to have died of kidney failure. But, first and foremost, the real sources have not yet confirmed the news of the death.

On the other hand, internet users speculate that he died of leukaemia after recovering from kidney failure.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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