What Happened To The Third Member Of Bananarama?

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Bananarama, the iconic British pop group, emerged onto the music scene in 1981 and swiftly made a mark.

Their catchy tunes and unique sound, drawing inspiration from early Motown acts and ’60s pop singles, quickly propelled them into the limelight.

Between 1982 and 1988, they achieved a remarkable nine singles in the UK’s top ten, leaving a lasting imprint on pop culture.

Their music was an irresistible fusion of Motown vibes (echoing the Marvellettes and the Supremes) and the charm of ’60s pop hits (like Evie Sands’ “I Can’t Let Go” and the Sapphires’ “Who Do You Love”). The trio’s chart success was phenomenal, with a total of 164 weeks on the UK singles chart.

What Happened To The Third Member Of Bananarama?

However, at the pinnacle of their popularity, the group experienced a significant change when Siobhan Fahey, an original member alongside Sara Dallin and Keren Woodward, departed after the Wow! album.

Although Bananarama persevered and released six more albums, they only managed one more top-ten hit.

Now, nearly three decades later, the original trio is reuniting for a tour that includes 22 dates across the UK and a four-date run in North America.

Since Bananarama didn’t tour during their initial chart-topping years, this reunion marks the first-ever tour featuring the original lineup. The enthusiasm for tickets was so overwhelming in the UK that additional dates had to be added.

The concept of reuniting came to Dallin and Woodward after a recent tour in Japan and Australia. Eager to inject some freshness into their routine, they considered a suggestion to bring back the original lineup for a one-off tour.

It was an idea that hadn’t crossed their minds until then, but once they discussed it, they reached out to Siobhan Fahey before Christmas.

After some surprise and consideration, Fahey hopped on board in April, and the rest is history. Fans, both in the UK and the States, are now eagerly anticipating their long-awaited reunion tour.

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