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What Is CJ SO COOL’s Phone Number?

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CJ SO COOL ( real name; Cordero James Brady) is an American Youtuber. CJ currently has over 8.8 million Youtube subscribers. It is estimated that CJ’s Youtube account attracts at least 2,000 subscribers daily.

CJ so cool has also accumulated over 2.3 billion views through his videos. CJ, who until recently was known for uploading reactionary videos to viral videos and “Try not to Laugh” videos alleged his account was hacked in February 2016 and all his videos were deleted. Since the hacking incident, CJ now focuses on vlogs and skit videos.

CJ is often accused by other YouTubers and Video makers of stealing content without giving the appropriate credits.
CJ is a US Navy Veteran who used to work in casinos as a blackjack and poker dealer. He currently has a child called Camari and is dating a mother of three called Royalty.

What Is CJ SO COOL’s Phone Number?

CJ SO COOL’s current phone number is listed as +1702-609-0570.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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