What Is Cody’s Real Name?

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On May 7, 1999, Cody Gakpo was born in Eindhoven, Netherlands. He is one of Johnny Gakpo’s three children with his wife, Ank Gakpo. His father was a one-cap wonder for Togo and played in the top division of the sport there. Ank, his mother, was a Dutch rugby international and a secondary school teacher.

The 23-year-old athlete’s formative years were spent with his older and younger brothers. The oldest and first son is Sidney Gakpo. Ducferre Gakpos, on the other hand, is the eldest.

While Ducferre Gakpo is completing an internship at PSV, Sydney Gakpo plays football for RPC Eindhoven. Cody is a winger in professional football who signed with PSV in 2018 and the Netherlands squad in 2021.

Gakpo, a PSV academy alum, debuted for the team’s first squad in February 2018. He was named the Dutch Footballer of the Year in 2021–2022 after tallying 21 goals across 47 games in all competitions.

What Is Cody’s Real Name?

Cody’s full name is Cody Mathès Gakpo.


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