Also known as is a 47-year-old American Youtuber and a Cool dad. Known particularly as the owner and administrator of popular YouTube channels such as FGTeev, FUNnel Vision, and FV family, Vincent focuses on family-oriented and kid-friendly content. Some contents that can be seen on FGTeeV' channels include; the unboxing of new toys by the kids, new game challenges, and travelogues. FGTeev is considered by most people on YouTube as a wonderful father who is interested in the day-to-day life of his family.
FGTeev's videos often feature his wife Samantha and their four kids ( Alexis, Michael, Chase and Shawn).
According to YouTube statistics, FGTeeV, the main channel of Vincent and his family has amassed well over 12 million subscribers on YouTube with at least 300 new channel visits every week. The other channels of the family are also believed to have amassed a following of close to 26 million combined, with a new daily subscription estimated to be around 1000-2000 people per month.

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What Is FGteeV's Phone Number?

Vincent Carter aka FGTeev's current phone number is listed as +1(704)-636-730


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