What Is Havana Syndrome?


The name Havana is largely associated with Cuba. It is the capital of Cuba. But what is the meaning of “Havana syndrome”? It is simply a group of medical symptoms with unexplained causes experienced mostly abroad by United States government officials and military personnel.

The symptoms include excruciating pain, ringing in the ears and cognitive difficulties. This was first reported in 2016 by U.S. and Canadian embassy staff in Havana.

Many people who have been hit by Havana syndrome reported dizziness, headaches and severe pains in the ears.

What are the causes of Havana syndrome?

Though the causes of Havana syndrome are not known, many people were quick to suggest that the illness could be caused by microwave attacks, fuelling speculation the illness could be a kind of weapon from a foreign actor such as Russia or China. Moscow has always denied any involvement. refused to be associated with it.

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There is no evidence that the illness is the agenda of another country to wreak havoc on others through biological weapons. When these mysteries happen, most nations begin to suspect the powerful ones of foul play. But in the case of Havana syndrome, after many trials to unravel the mystery behind it, there is still no findings on the cause.

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