What Is Kirstie Alley Nationality?

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Kirstie Loyis Alley, an American actress from the 1970s passed away on December 5, 2022. She was born on January 12, 1951, in Whicita, Kansas.

Kirstie is famous for playing many roles in movies. However, she broke out in the NBC sitcom Cheers where she played the character Rebecca Howe. This role got her to receive an Emmy and Golden Globe Awards.

Prior to her break-out movie role in Cheers, Alley made her acting debut in 1982’s Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan as Lieutenant Saavik, a Vulcan Starfleet officer although she declined to return for the films’ subsequent two sequels, claiming she was given less money for the original film.

Additionally, she made appearances in a number of smaller movies in the years that followed, such as One More Chance, Blind Date, and Runaway. She appeared in the ABC miniseries North and South in 1985. Furthermore, Mark Harmon and Alley co-starred in the comedic movie Summer School in 1987. The movie was a box office hit, earning more than $35 million in the US.

What Is Kirstie Alley Nationality?

Kirstie Alley is an American.


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