What Is Patrick Wojahn Political Party?

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Patrick Wojahn is 47 years old and has served as Mayor since 2015. Wojahn did his Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, German and Russian, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He then went to the Georgetown University Law Center.

On March 2, 2023, arrested by authorities and was charged with some 56 counts of alleged child pornography that included 40 counts of possession of exploitative child material and 16 counts of distribution of exploitative child material, according to a statement from the Prince George’s County Police Department.

According to his lawyer, Patrick Wojahn resigned as College Park, Maryland mayor after he was arrested and charged with possession and distribution of child pornography. The mayor is also assisting with the authorities in investigating the whole situation.

What Is Patrick Wojahn Political Party?

After the incident, many people have been wondering which political party the openly gay mayor belonged to.

Patrick Wojahn belongs to Democratic Party in United States America.



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