What Is The Achievement Of Raphael Armattoe?

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Dr. Raphael Ernest Grail Armattoe, a prominent figure in Ghanaian history, was born in August 1913 into a distinguished Ewe family in Togoland.

After the First World War, Togoland underwent annexation into French and British mandates following German invasion. Growing up in a multilingual environment, Armattoe was fluent in three European languages in addition to his native Ewe.

After completing his basic education at mission schools, Armattoe pursued further studies in Germany in 1930. Influenced by the political climate in Germany, particularly the rise of the Nazis, he chose to continue his academic pursuits in France.

During his time in Europe, Armattoe met Leonie Schwartz, a Swiss woman later known as ‘Marina,’ and the two entered into marriage.

Dr. Raphael Armattoe’s noteworthy contributions encompassed various fields, including medicine, anthropology, literature, and politics.

His groundbreaking research focused on the abochi drug and its effectiveness against human parasites, earning him a nomination for the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1948.

What Is The Achievement Of Raphael Armattoe?

In 1948, Dr. Raphael Armattoe received a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize, and he actively advocated for the reunification of British and French Togoland.

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