What Is The Point Of NNN?

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Although the original intent of No Nut November was satire, some participants contend that avoiding ejaculating and pornographic media has health advantages. No Nut November was given a place in the Urban Dictionary in 2011, and in 2017 the trend began to gather traction on social media. It is connected to the Reddit community known as NoFap, which promotes non-masturbation among its members. From 16,500 users in November 2018 to 52,000 subscribers in November 2019, the Reddit community NoNutNovember experienced growth.

E. J. Dickson of Rolling Stone stated that the movement had been co-opted by the far-right after several far-right public personalities, such as Paul Joseph Watson, backed the campaign. After supporters threatened xHamster on Twitter in 2018, Vice attacked the challenge, claiming that it had been appropriated by far-right figures.

What Is The Point Of NNN?

The internet challenge known as “No Nut November” encourages participants to refrain from masturbation, sex, and ejaculation (also known as “to nut”) throughout the month of November. It was created in late 2010, and during and after 2017, it gained popularity on social media.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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