What Is The Real Name Of Koko Zaria?

In the Nollywood industry and Lagos social circles, is well-known. The outstanding Nollywood actor, NURTW leader, and businessman is a father of four who lives in Lagos, Nigeria.

Koko Zaria, a 52-year-old Nigerian actor, NURTW leader, and businessman, was born in Lagos. Koko Zaria was born on May 20, 1970, in Omu Aran, Kwara State, to the renowned Oyedepo family.

Bishop David Oyedepo, a well-known Nigerian cleric, is the older brother of his father Alhaji Oyedepo.

One of the largest Christian ministries in the world, Living Faith Ministries, was founded and is led by Dr. Oyedepo. The richest in Nigeria is Dr. Oyedepo.

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Koko Zaria is now considered to be the influential pastor’s nephew as a result. The following other names have been given to Koko Zaria: Zargarza America Boy and Koko Zaria.

The parents of Koko Zaria departed away a long time ago.

What Is The Real Name Of Koko Zaria?

Alhaji Ganiyu Oyedepois the real name of Koko Zaria

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